Welcome to my Book Blog

I am an avid reader and can get through two or three books a week – more when I’m on holiday. 

I enjoy a range of different genres: modern, historical, thrillers, family sagas, mysteries, biographies and travel writing.  The vast majority of my reading is crime fiction and I have enjoyed stories set in the UK, the United States, Scandinavia, Europe, China and Australia to name but a few.


People often ask me for book recommendations and in the past I have shared lists of my favourites with lots of different friends and colleagues.  I find it increasingly difficult to remember what I’ve recommended to each person so I’ve started this Blog where friends can read my summaries of some of my all-time favourites and what books I’ve been enjoying recently. 


I sometimes find it difficult when I find a new author to identify the correct order of a series of books, particularly in crime fiction.  Where the books are part of a series, I've listed the books in order and noted which one is my (current) favourite.  


I’d love to feature contributions from guest bloggers – so if you’d like to write a brief description of a book you’ve enjoyed and send it to me, I’ll publish these too.


Who This Blog Is For

  • Book lovers who are looking for recommendations

  • Book lovers who want to share their own favourites


What This Blog Is For

  • Brief descriptions of books I’ve enjoyed

  • Lists of my favourite series – brief description of the series and list of books in order

  • Contributions from guest bloggers


What It Is Not

  • Literary criticism

  • A discussion forum


Happy Reading