Catriona McPherson - Dandy Gilver Series

Dandy (Dandelion Dahlia) Gilver is married to a Scottish aristocrat with an estate in Perthshire which keeps him busy. Her children are away at boarding school and she finds herself with time on her hands. With the assistance of her trusted colleague Alec Osbourne, she turns her hand to amateur sleuthing. This series is set in the 1920s and 1930s and is reminiscent of the lighter Agatha Christie's, Josephine Tey's Miss Pym with a bit of Bertie Wooster and Mapp and Lucia thrown in. Ideal holiday reading as they are easy to pick up and put down - but equally can be read in one or two sittings if you get caught up in the mystery.

Set in various locations around Scotland it is "crime with scenery" and a glimpse into the lives of the upper class lifestyle between the two world wars.

Catriona has a great website with more information about Dandy and her family, with hilarious blogs from Dandy's various servants - Miss Grant her long-suffering maid who looks after her wardrobe, the butler Mr Pallister and cook Mrs Tilling.

My favourite (so far) - The Burry Man's Day

Books In Order

After The Armistice Ball

The Burry Man's Day

Bury Her Deep

The Winter Ground

The Proper Treatment of Bloodstains

An Unsuitable Day for a Murder

A Bothersome Number of Corpses

A Deadly Measure of Brimstone

The Reek of Red Herrings

Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom

Dandy Gilver and A Most Misleading Habit

Dandy Gilver and A Spot of Toil and Trouble

A Step So Grave

The Turning Tide

The Mirror Dance

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